Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is in the download?
    The download is the Hydrostatix Master Suite which includes the SOF Master, for agents, and the Laytime Master, for people doing laytime calculations.

  2. Why should I download it?
    Because you will save lots of time, and it will help you avoid mistakes.

  3. Specifically, how will it save me time?
    a) For starters if your agent uses the SOFMaster you will not have to retype the times and events into your laytime calculation/statement.
    b) Another good reason is so that you can be sure you're using the exact and correct times and events that are on the SOF--so you don't have to worry about mistyping which can be very costly.
    c) Yet another great reason to use the product is that if your counter parties also use it you can all be sure that you're working from the exact same SOF data.
    d) It will save both you and your agent time because commonly used entries (e.g. "Commenced Loading" or "Laytime Commenced") will auto-complete as you begin typing!

  4. Why was Hydrostatix created?
    The Hydrostatix team originally invented the software for their own use in-house because they were frustrated with existing solutions that were either too rudimentary or very costly.

  5. Can I try it before I buy? How do I know it will work for my needs?
    The software download is free to use for the first 7 days. Try it for your next voyage! Purchase one of our flexible subscription options only after you have determined that it meets your needs.

  6. If I have problems will the Hydrostatix team assist me?
    Yes, we will make every reasonable effort to help you. Please write to us through our "Contact Us" link on the main page.

  7. What about the privacy of my voyage data?
    We designed the software with your privacy and security in mind. Your SOF Master data is stored on our secure servers. Hydrostatix pledges not to share any SOF time and activity data with any third parties that do not have access to your MasterLink code. Your agent determines who has access to that code by virtue of who he shares his SOF with. Your Laytime Master data resides where you save it (typically your hard drive).

  8. What if I want to have a customized template for SOFs or Laytime Statements?
    The software is flexible and the templates can be edited to include your logo, change layout, add remove items etc. As time permits we will also duplicate your existing template if you fax it to us, at no charge to you. If you are interested please send us a scan of your statement via "Contact Us" link. We will do our best to re-create your template in Hydrostatix format.

  9. Is there anything else I need to know?
    Yes. Presently the software is configured for non-reversible calculations only. We hope to release an update soon that will accommodate reversible and averaged calculations. If you would like us to inform you when we release the update or you have any other features you would like us to incorporate please write to us at support@hydrostatix.com. If there are other features you would like to see, please let us know.

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