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Summary of Hydrostatix Licensing:
  • Laytime Master will be offered on a subscription basis. SOF Master will continue to be a free app.
  • A subscription license is valid for a single user on a single computer.
  • The subscription periods have been chosen to allow users to pay only for what they need, based on their usage of the app.
  • Subscription pricing is $20 for a 7 day pay period, or $50 for a 30 day pay period, or $250 for a one year pay period.
  • New users will be granted a free trial for 7 days. Laytime Master will be fully functional during the trial period, except for printing and exporting the completed report.
  • See the Hydrostatix End User Software License Agreement for more information. This document is presented during installation and is copied to the Hydrostatix program files installation folder.

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